Hi, my name is…


No doubt, the best thing about being out and about with your camera and no expectations are the kind strangers you meet.


Grainy Day Fun




I was surprised how much I enjoyed shooting  film with my students at Gulf Coast State College a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed, probably more than them, waiting a week for the negatives to arrive in the mail and wondering what, if anything, would come from the roll of Fugi expiration 2008. A part of me misses the imperfection of film photography, the unexpected shots that are either better or worse than imagined. Even the soft film grain visible after the scans had a lovely appeal. And the double exposures, what a treat!

Why Florida

florida trail bw

florida trail clearing old oak

florida trail detail

sayde running florida trail

florida trail bright moss

florida trail ladder tree

florida trail field

This is why I live in Florida! Beautiful weather for a January hike with the dogs on the Florida trail.


Friday Night Light

friday fest car guy on bench croppedKind of like looking back in time…a Friday night downtown.

Port St. Joe Treasure

st. joe lighthouse top

st. joe lighthouse underneath

st. joe lighthouse stairs

st. joe lighhouse keeper houseTeaching a class in the next county over has me going through little Port St. Joe once a week. This lighthouse was moved to St. Joe from its first location on Cape San Blas about a year ago. Love the shapes! Next time I hope it’s open for visitors to climb to the top.

Half-Off Art Sale this Saturday!

half off art sale cityarts cooperative

Looking forward to participating with some of my photography in the Half-Off Art Sale at CityArts Cooperative! This Saturday, 10am – 4pm, downtown Panama City.

Night Bikes

bike and sparklers

bike at st. andrews marina, panama city fl

Two favorite shots from the Night Photography class I just finished teaching at CityArts Cooperative. Guess I love the bicycle shape!

St. Andrews Noir

st. andrews florida

st. andrews florida

st. andrews coffee house

A quiet night the in St. Andrews neighborhood.

Backyard Painting with Light

painting light tree and chair

painting light red chair

Had fun this weekend “painting with light” in my backyard! More experimenting to come in the next few weeks as I start teaching a Night Photography class at CityArts Cooperative.

August Photo Classes at City Arts Cooperative

I’ll be teaching these photography classes in August at CityArts Cooperative, in downtown Panama City. Looking forward to all of them! For more info or to sign up, shoot me an email! bonnietatephoto@gmail.com

Night Photography

August 5 – September 2 hathaway bridge at night panama city fl
Night Photography: An exciting niche that comes alive with experimentation and photographic “rule breaking!” Practice the techniques and camera settings that make great nightshots. Try hand-held, long exposures, and painting with light in a variety of local spots. Tripod and camera required. 5 week course, meets Wednesday evenings, 6:30pm – 8:30pm $150

Creative Photography for Beginners

August 6 – September 3

beginner photography class panama city fl

Creative Photography for Beginners: A hands on class for learning about camera operation. Start from scratch and become familiar with your camera’s most important features, and how they translate into the photograph. This course covers ISO, aperture & shutter speed, light metering, focus, focal length and more. Lessons include outdoor practice. Camera required. *Best for DSLRs or camera with “Manual” mode but all cameras welcome! 5 week course, meets Thursday evenings, 5:30-7:30pm. $150

Camera-less Photography for Kids

August 8,  10am – 1pm

cyanotype photography for kids panama city fl  cyanotype photography for kids panama city fl

Camera-less Photography for Kids: Travel back to the early days of photography when the first pictures were made without cameras. Cyanotypes (also called sunprints) are exposed using sunlight and produce a deep blue print. Kids practice artful composition, see the photographic process in action, develop their images, and take home one of a kind prints. Bring small objects to arrange (feathers, lace, flowers, trinkets). A 3 hour workshop, ages 6-14. $25 per child.