And now for something different…

by Bonnie Tate

Last weekend the Montster Truck Show came to San Angelo, and I talked my husband into going. Why? I guess I’m just interested in wacky spectacles like this…And wacky it was.
Plenty of “crushing carnage” like the excited man in the ad promised! We had fun, at least until our gasoline induced headaches got too bad to bear. Our next monster truck show will have to be an OUTdoor event…
I picked out my favorite before the show began –

Unnamed and Untamed And here, in action –












A race to see who can crush the fastest –

monstertruckraceThis one almost ran into the wall in front of us –













Between crushes were mud races – here’s the winner…

monstertruckcheerHere’s Dragonfly rumbling over a minivan. This driver was female –









And a close up of the descent –monstertruckclosecrush1