Hello, Great Northwest

by Bonnie Tate

Another military move completed! On our week long drive from Texas to Washington, I’m surprised how few photos I took…Perhaps because we’d made half of that same journey five months earlier when we moved from California to Texas. The desert was old news I guess. We traveled through New Mexico, Arizona, California and Oregon, and ended up just south of Tacoma, Washington. Here are a few pictures that neatly sum up the trip~

The beginning – goodbye dry open spaces…


What we saw the most of~

What we were surprised to see one morning from the hotel window, in Lake Shasta City, Northern California~

What I thought was Mt. Shasta~ (My husband pointed out that Mt. Shasta was the MUCH larger mountain in the distance mostly obscured by fog! Still, what a dramatic change of scenery after many miles of flat dusty road.)


The end ~


steilacoomrainbowWe were lucky to find a place to live in Steilacoom, which is a small town tucked in between the South Puget Sound and Ft. Lewis Army base. It’s very quaint, as you can see in the photo above. Even the rainbow is permanent đŸ™‚ I look forward to using my camera a lot here, in between showers.