New Journal Portrait, Irresistible Dog

by Bonnie Tate

“To Market” is the latest in my series of journal portraits. (See the others here.) This entry is taken from the diary of a woman visiting relatives in France in 1956. On this day she went to a busy street market in Paris and bought asparagus, rhubarb, and radishes. Good choices – these vegetables made for a beautiful color combination. At first, I actually had a hard time deciding if this writer was a man or a woman. The handwriting seems neither masculine or feminine. She writes with excitement about attending luxury car shows but also makes note of helping out with housework (I guess that makes it clear!) By the end, enough entries tipped in the female direction, including this one.

I also included a photo of my irresistible assistant Teddy showing off his big, sharp tooth.

To Market, new Journal Portrait

Teddy, Tooth, Grass