Farther South on the Oregon Coast ~ Bandon

by Bonnie Tate

For my birthday, we explored farther south on the coast of Oregon. We stayed on the beach in a small town called Bandon. With summer over, it was very quiet there. I kept imagining an A in front of Bandon. Fall seemed to arrive just as we did, with chilly air and strong winds. Really strong winds! We stepped onto the beach and into a sand storm. I had a good time trying to get photos of the sand swirling off the dunes and streaking down the beach. I didn’t do a very good job – these photos make it appear much calmer than it was! But look close and you’ll find some ghostly streaks in a few…

Devil's Punchbowl, Southern Oregon coast

Bandon, Southern Oregon coast

Swirling Sand at Bandon, OR

Look at the sand go!!

Logs, Bandon, OR


Sand Storm, Bandon, Or

Big Rock in Shadow, Bandon, Or

Walking Shadows, Bandon, Or

Hole in Rock, Bandon, Or

Sunset in Bandon, Or