Snoqualmie Falls

by Bonnie Tate

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.  

~Author Unknown

Snoqualmie falls full from above

Snoqualmie falls mist

Snoqualmie falls through logs

Snoqualmie falls reflection

Snoqualmie falls sunspots

Snoqualmie falls full

Snoqualmie falls close up mist

Snoqualmie falls weeds

Snoqualmie Falls is just an hour northeast of me. Down below the falls, in the mist and the sunlight, the water quickly calms down and flows into the Snoqaualmie River. On this day, in the mist and sunlight, it was just magical.

A few months ago I watched a documentary on the world’s first underground power plant, which is at the base of the falls. I was surprised that I got so interested in a show on hydroelectric power – but I was completely drawn in by the all the great 19th century photographs of Seattle. And of men of completing such a project with no modern machinery! Most of all, it was the story of the young engineer named Charles Baker who faced all sort of huge challenges as he persevered with his idea. One hundred and twelve years later the plant is still supplying power. Here’s a link to that documentary.

*And if you ever watched Twin Peaks, it was filmed in and around Snoqualmie 🙂