Where would it be?

by Bonnie Tate

In a couple of months my husband and I will take a vacation and drive across the US. Our final destination is Florida to visit my family, with a stop in Arkansas for a wedding and more family visits. I voted for making this a road trip, because there are so many places we want to see, and why not see them now? He voted for flying.

Bike trip campers

Our move from Texas to Washington, just shy of a year ago, is fresh in his mind. 2000 miles in a 12 year old Chevy Cavalier with a finicky radiator, towing a U-Haul that seemed to outweigh the car. I know he can still feel the dust of endless Arizona and New Mexico. 


So why would we want to drive for days again? Several reasons! 

1.We won't be on the Army's schedule. 

2.We have a new car! 

3.We'll leave the U Haul behind.

4. Most of all, best of all, think of all the great places we can visit along the way.

Bike trip old faithful

Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde, the Great Salt Lake…all the places in Kansas that I don't know about. 

Bike tripdoggreencarI know that there is great danger of becoming road-weary, Red Vine eating zombies, wishing that we didn't have three more days of sitting to endure. And I know that once you're on the interstate you realize you really can't see anything from there, but if you take the small roads you may be on the trip forever…

I think that he is beginning to concede that it could be fun. We'll just need to pick a route that takes us to places we're excited about. Give ourselves enough time to enjoy it. And stay fresh and in good spirits.

Bike trip bikers

I'm looking for suggestions. If you could visit any place in the western half of the US, where would it be? Or in the entire country? (Inspiration for a later trip!)

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