Variety: this week’s top 3

by Bonnie Tate

This week's top three finds that I'd like to pass on~           


A resource:

I waited until yesterday to start on my taxes because I was putting off being overwhelmed. Last year's introduction to the Schedule C (for self employed folks) left my head spinning. I was given a crash course by the kind tax preparer – we got the job done, but I left with little understanding of what had just happened. How time flies! Suddenly it's time to do it all again, and I am not any closer to understanding how to properly categorize my expenses or figure out that awful Part III – Cost of Goods Sold. That is, until this morning…Then I found the golden egg, or golden ticket, the very precious Schedule C: from A to Z. This is a free pdf download by the NASE, National Association for the Self Employed. The schedule C form is broken down line by line,  plain and simple. Find it here. By far, the best discovery of the week.




Food for thought:

I often listen to audio books while I'm working in the darkroom or editing images in Photoshop. Thinking in a visual way comes most natural to me, so my brain is still free to take in information or be entertained. This week I started listening to Made to Stick, which asks why some ideas thrive while others die? It's about effective communication. (Since beginning the book I've been struck with how many bad ideas and products are "sticky" simply because they are communicated or marketed in memorable ways.) What I've learned so far: keep your message simple and include an element of surprise.


 A destination: 

In Tuesday's post I asked where you would choose as a road trip destination. Thank you Barbara for suggesting Monument Valley, Utah! I admire the photo above all the time – it's on the cover of the box of Moab inkjet paper that I use. Now I know where this photo was taken, and that I hope to take photos of my own there in May.

Enjoy your weekend!