What’s your Time?

by Bonnie Tate

Mt. Ranier and ferrry from Anderson 

My lucky dog Teddy gets two walks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. Somewhere along the way "time for a walk" or " time to go out" got shortened to "time". So in the language that my husband and I share with him, the call to action became Teddy, it's time for time or simply it's time. I find myself saying other things too, like the time is now or Teddy, the time for time has come (in various strange voices) just to see his excitement build with each use of the magic word. The point is that these walks are the best parts of his day. Especially the afternoon times, which are often in the woods where he can roam free, off the red leash. The sniffing, the marking, the digging, the exploring, the kicking, the squirrel chasing, the occasional find of treasure (like a discarded bagel).

Some days, time can be an exercise in patience for me – if it's raining hard, and Teddy's detective-like stop and sniff seems to occur every three steps, and he wants to stand in a nicely groomed yard and kick up tufts of grass with his back legs while the home owner looks out the window.

I know a dog's life is simple; time, food, nap, time, food, nap, (with barking at the UPS truck, car rides, and running in circles around the house thrown in). But it's nice that the best parts of the day come with such reliability. Sometimes Teddy's time is my time too. If it's beautiful and sunny after days of rain, and I've brought my camera with me, and we briskly walk my favorite route along the water, past the ferry sailing away from the dock. I realize what a great pleasure it is, to walk with such a sweet creature looking up at me. 

Do you have a favorite part of the day? Is there a simple ritual that you rely on to relax or invigorate you, to clear your mind? What's your time?