Craving Open Spaces

by Bonnie Tate

  Craving open spaces dog 

I've opened a second shop on! It's called Craving Open Spaces and it's all about large landscape photographs. Right now all of the prints are 16" x 20" (and very affordable!).

In 2009 I lived briefly in Texas, in what at first felt like the middle of nowhere. By the end of our six month stay, I'd found a serious appreciation for the wide open space. Then I moved to a pretty darn crowded part of the Pacific Northwest. This was nearly a year ago, and since then, one thing has cemented in my mind – that I'm craving open space. Wherever we settle after our military adventure is over must have plenty of it.

So until I can have my spot on the beach (my most beloved open space), I'll be celebrating open spaces this way. 

I've got a big road trip across the US coming up in May, and my plan is to fill up the shop with all kinds of beautiful landscapes.

Please have a look!

Winter water 1

  Winter Water


Cannon Beach