On Time

by Bonnie Tate

Just some photos quickly snapped on this afternoon's time. When I take my camera along on Teddy's walks pictures inevitably come out sideways and blurred. He is a strong dog who pulls and has little patience for whatever it is I'm trying to do with the black box in my hand. He knows the word "WAIT" but it only seems to have an effect if I repeat it over and over rapidly…Teddy wait Teddy wait wait wait wait wait wait…the soundtrack to each picture.

Today's route took us down the gravel path…

Steilacoom dandylion
Steilacoom mossy branch
Dandelion grass

 Into the dark woods…

Steilacoom woods ft. lewis 

Through the park beside the water…my favorite part…

Steilacoom Pioneer Orchard Park tree

Past some colorful girls lost on their way to a prom???

   Girls Dresses 

And back home.

Steilacoom front yard dandlion