Top 3 Finds: May 10 ~ 14

by Bonnie Tate

{With my road trip just a couple of days away, this week's finds are travel related pieces of art. All of these can be found on}


Packing Light by Danna Ray. This print is one in a series of four. What wonderful images! Have a look at the other three in her shop, Groundwork.



Drifter's Atlas No. 2 by Dolan Geiman. A very impressive large collage made of many, many collaged blocks. Click on the link to his shop to see the amazing details.



On the Road Again by CrossPrints. This is a digitally altered photograph that perfectly captures the feeling of having a long road ahead… Yes, I'm prepared for this feeling!

  Have a great weekend! I'll be packing (light) and hitting the road!