Monument Valley!

by Bonnie Tate

Monument Valley straddles the border of Utah and Arizona. We spent most of our third day on the road here. It is breathtaking, and seems to stretch on forever. Here's a glimpse of that big space…

Monument best 

The dirt road in the photo above leads into the valley…

Monument Dark Sky 

It was an extremely windy day, with the clouds passing over as if in fast forward…

Monument verti

Monument wide angle

Monument ted 

Teddy would have loved to run free here…

Monument house

Monument big mesa

Monument dog 

A "friendly" Navajo dog, who later chased us down the road and threw herself against the car.  She must have liked Teddy's looks…

Monument hourse close

Monument hourse far

Monument sheep

Monument dust 

A dust storm every few minutes. I kept trying to get a photo, but this is the best I got…

Monument last shot

Monument near big sky

And back on the road, headed towards Colorado.

Monument Valley was a great stop. I took a ton of photos, but as my wi-fi time is limited, this post has to be quick! I hope you can get a hint of the feeling of this vast red rocky space from these pictures.

Next stop Mesa Verde!