A summer makeover project…

by Bonnie Tate

I started a summer project yesterday ~ giving my neglected yard and patio a makeover. Neither are in terrible shape, just "blah" kind of shape. 

I thought I'd share some "before" pictures as a way to nudge myself into making sure there are some good "after" pics to come.

Here's where I got started:

Tomato plot for blog 

We began by planting some tomatoes and peppers on the sunny side of the house. Five tomato plants may be a bit much, since I'm the only tomato lover in the house. But as least this way there's a good chance I'll get at least one edible tomato! A small vegetable garden is in the plan for the backyard, too.
Tomato plant for blog 

There is some variety here…each plant is a different tomato type. Here's a sweet cherry tomato plant. 

Front yard before chimney 

When we moved in a year ago, we had the front of the house looking very tidy. Then the infamous (in my mind, anyway) Western Washington rain came and never left! Our yard work routine got a little soggy and here's the overgrown result. But thanks to the rain we are blessed with very green grass:)

Front yard before for blog post 

Underneath rocks and weeds we found some mint! See the two bright little plants on either sides of the scissors? The mint stays of course.
Patio before for blog

And here's a "before" picture of the patio. It's a small space that's pretty bare-bones at the present. Hopefully we'll be enjoying some meals out here before too long. (Well, we already do, but hopefully we'll be enjoying the lovely and inviting look of the patio as well!)

So those were the first baby steps yesterday. I'll continue this afternoon with some serious weed killing and rock removing. I'll post photos as this little makeover progresses!

Ahh, summer is my favorite time of year. I know it's not officially here yet, but what summer projects do you have in mind??