Top 3 Finds: June 14 ~ June 18

by Bonnie Tate

I'm back on track with my weekly "top 3". Here are three finds that added some smiles to my week.


A Lucky Find: On Wednesday I stopped at a thrift store, on a hunt for a bookshelf. First thing I saw when I stepped inside the door was this complete darkroom setup pictured below. What treasure! I have a little black and white darkroom at home, so I certainly didn't need all of this stuff…but I got a "no" when I asked if I could pick and choose just what I wanted. So, I ended up bringing home the whole lot for $35. (Plus a bookshelf!)

Now when I set up my home darkroom a year and a half ago, I searched high and low for bargains on each tray, bottle, and set of tongs, thinking how easy it would be if I found just this. Ah well, better late than never…

The best part is that  I haven't done any darkroom work in a while and now ideas are popping into my head. So I'm happy to have some new (old) tools to work with. 

Darkroom stuff for blog post 



Glider pics for blog

*Images courtesy of Mulberry Street and Retro Patio.

A Bright Idea: The glider! Years ago, while taking my first photography class, I found a rusty old metal glider sitting alone out in a field. I photographed it to death (all overexposed) and since then I've loved the old-timey look of metal porch furniture. A few days ago I started a summer makeover project for my yard and patio. So what better time to search for a glider of my own? I'd like a bright, colorful one. 

After a few Google searches, I see that restored vintage metal furniture does not come cheap! Maybe one will appear in my lucky thrift store:)


A Laugh: - the name speaks for itself. This website features photos of hilarious mis-translations. Below is my favorite. Bookmark this site and go back whenever you need a laugh!


Have a great weekend!