Gardening for Beginners

by Bonnie Tate

"In life's winter, find your invincible summer."

Garden beans

Yesterday I planted my first vegetable garden in the backyard. Squash, spinach, carrots, pole beans, and raspberries. I will learn as I go…luckily my husband has some experience. 

The beans above (pretty speckled pink!) were nice and easy to plant. Below are the tedious carrot seeds…

Garden carrotsScallopini Squash…

Garden squash 

A "before" photo of the whole garden. Hopefully there will be a healthy "after" for each veggie.


The vegetable garden is part of a makeover project I've got going for my yard. Below is one little patch of the front yard where I've had success.


Front yard before for blog post 


 Front yard after

 More successes to come!