Top 3 Finds: June 28 ~ July 2

by Bonnie Tate

{This week I thought I'd spotlight three "itty" businesses that I'm a fan of. (I'm taking that word from IttyBiz, a super blog for very small businesses.}


Papercuthearts on Etsy 

PaperCutWorks: Anatomy-inspired paper hearts, cut by hand from vintage maps. Ania custom makes each piece, so you can pick any place that's dear to your heart. These are clever, thoughtful, and have a striking minimal look. I especially like Two Hearts Beat As One (above) because my husband and I are always lamenting how we are from places too far away from each other, Washington and Florida.


Earrings by Carolyn Buss 

Carolyn Buss Jewelry:  These beautiful hammered silver hoops will probably become my everyday standard. They are delicate and light weight ~ my favorite jewelry always is. Lucky me, these came as a gift. Lucky you, Carolyn is having a sale this weekend in her shop!

Bohtieque Design Labels
Bohtieque: I love these address labels I just ordered from Bohtieque. Julie's shop is overflowing with cute designs. I was only after some return address labels, but now I'm thinking I might jazz up my packaging with some custom made items too.



 I never thought I would, but I am giving Twitter a try. I could only read about how effective it can be for us "itty" businesses about 350 times before breaking down! I was also really slow about Facebook,  cell phones, and cds…The idea of Twitter definitely goes against my instinct to simplify, and it may turn out to be a major distraction. But the idea of spreading the word about my business and sharing helpful/inspiring tidbids definitely appeals to me. I'll report back on my progress:)

In the meantime, Tweet me a hello @bonnie_jones. 

Have a great weekend and happy 4th of July!