Top 3 Finds: August 2 ~ August 6

by Bonnie Tate

My garden came to life this week, so my top three (four!) finds were right in my backyard. It's my first try so I'm pretty excited that anything is growing. Here are my top finds:


The first ripe tomato! I was thrilled to see a glimpse of red at the very bottom of the plant, hidden in dense leaves. This tomato is going on my burger tonight.

  Garden first tomato

All of the tomato plants are booming. These below are cherry tomatoes so it shouldn't be long until I'm seeing more red.  

Garden tomato bunch 


The beginning of some squash. After a rough start (a mystery creature pulling up the plants) we have five hearty squash plants. 

Garden squash close 


And broccoli! Also saved by a net that keeps out birds, rabbits, raccoons, bear, and cougar (okay, we've only had to worry about the first three).

Garen brocolli 


Carrots. We'll be waiting until fall for these carrots, but they sure are cute right now.

Garden carrots

Do you have a garden? Any tips for a beginner?

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!