Hello, old friend…

by Bonnie Tate

Large format
This week I have the urge to make some photos with an old friend: my 4 x 5 field camera. After shooting 10 sheets of color film, I realized I didn't know where I was going to get them developed. Can you believe the nearest lab I found was 120 miles south in Portland!!?? I figured I would be able to find some place to get them done in nearby Seattle, but no. So off they went in the mail. 

For the next few days I'll be checking the mailbox with anticipation. After using mostly digital for the last year, it's really nice to wait and wonder like I used to do…

I'll keep taking advantage of these long summer evenings, when the light is gorgeous, and finish up this box of film (expired 2008!). Hopefully I'll have something good enough to share:)