Square and Grainy

by Bonnie Tate

Hmmm…why is it that just about anything automatically looks more interesting when given a square format and a vintage graininess? Yesterday afternoon I tried some TTV (through the viewfinder) shots. This means using a digital camera to take a photo through the viewfinder of an old camera, like a Kodak Brownie. So this is what you see through your digital lens… 

Wheel barrow and camera web 

TTV photography is very popular right now. If fact, I get a little weary of seeing it. Still, I couldn't resist…


Brendan and wheel barrow web 

And I concede that is is addicting! I found that what I liked the most was to include the rusty metal plate around the viewfinder…how it shines differently in sunlight vs. shade, the glares, those two tiny screws…



Brendan in uniform web 

Basically I like how a little bit of the camera itself becomes part of the image. The one I used for these photos is a 1950s Brownie Hawkeye.

Teddy point web 

  Teddy side web  



Tomatoes web 

  Bed and table web 



Frames above bed web 

Lamp and curtain web 

I like the idea of including more of the camera in the image too, like below, with this 1920 folding Brownie.
Trees and bellows webAhhh, I love to experiment!