Orcas Island

by Bonnie Tate

I've lived in Washington for a little over a year now, and I can still say that my favorite place in the state is the first place I ever visited ~ Orcas Island. It's the largest of the beautiful San Juan Islands, which are a few hours to the north. Here are some photos from my quick trip last weekend. Every time I go, I wish I could stay longer, and this time was no exception…

Orcas doe bay
 Orcas doe bay view sailboat

Orcas doe bay view
Orcas doe bay cabins

 Orcas red barn
Orcas doe bay truck
Orcas barn blue bench
Orcas horse

Orcas mt lake boats My first trip to Orcas was back in 2005 when I worked as a photography teacher at a summer camp on the island. Before catching the ferry back I took a quick walk around the camp, just emptied of kids a few days earlier.

Camp canoes and island
Camp dock
Camp gyspsy cart
    Camp teepees

Camp juniper
Camp madrona
Camp treehouse