Stepping back into the 1880’s on Superbowl Sunday

by Bonnie Tate

Orr wallpaper

Orr home glasses and photos

Orr home picture above bed

Orr home sleeping gown

Orr home sofa

Orr dark kitchen

Orr kitchen

Orr canned veg

Orr knob

Orr products

Orr bathroom

Orr rocking chari

Orr baby crib 

Orr bedroom

Orr home electricity

Orr boys room

Orr sign

After passing by an estimated 500 times, I finally visited the Nathaniel Orr House last Sunday afternoon.  It was home to a pioneer family here in Steilacoom. Being Superbowl Sunday it was pretty quiet. Perfect. The docent was generous with her time, letting me linger over the details of each room. One thing that makes this house such a treasure is that everything filling the house, from the furniture to the nicknacks, is original to the Orr family. From Emma Orr's calling cards on the front table to the canned veggies in the pantry…