Here two moments, gone the next…

by Bonnie Tate

Deer in yard front

Deer in yard back

This young deer was hiding out in my neighbor’s bushes last night. He was laying down, partially hidden, with only his front legs and head emerging from the green. He would have made a beautiful photo. Having one shot left on my film camera, I approached him very slowly,  looking down into the viewfinder instead of directly at him. He let me get less than 10 feet away before standing up, pausing to inspect me, and turning away. I pressed the shutter, hoping his pause was long enough. Can’t wait to get the roll developed just to see.

He didn’t bolt, just wandered over to dine on some leaves. So I ran inside and got my digital camera for the photos above. He kindly gave me one more glance before stepping out through the opening in the bushes.