The house on Roney Road…

by Bonnie Tate

Old house sweater on chair

Old house yarn ball

Old house mcalls

The house on Roney Rd. always catches my eye when I visit my inlaws on Samish Island. Half hugged tight by ivy, half open to the elements by what looks like a bite taken out of the front, in a few months what’s left of it will be cleared away. The new owners of the property stopped by my booth at the Samish Island Art Festival and offered to let me inside to photograph. What luck!

I now know that it’s been vacant since 1959. Much has been hauled out of the house since the Olsens purchased it, but enough personal bits and pieces linger to make me imagine the lives lived there. How interesting to step into the past like that. I suppose this comes from the same curiosity that has me reading old diaries for my Journal Portrait series. 

I spent Sunday afternoon sifting through belongings (letters, photographs, quilts, clothing) and making long exposures inside the dim, dusty rooms. I mailed my film to the lab this morning and hope to have some good work to share with you in a couple of weeks.

(Thank you Nancy and Eric for letting me in to investigate!)