La Fiere Bridge Battle

by Bonnie Tate

Another installment of photos from Conneaut, Ohio’s D-Day Reenactment. Before the beach invasion, the reenactors staged two smaller Normandy battles that also occured on June 6, 1944. Here are snapshots of one of those, the La Fiere Bridge Battle, which involved the French Resistance, Allied Airborn, and Axis soldiers. I viewed the reenactment from the French Resistance position so you’ll see that most of my photos feature them.

French resistance jackets


Young boy

Lady with gun

Polka dot dress with pistol

German checkpoint

German soldier with german shepard

Running to tree

German tank

French resistance on the move

Man with pistol

Soldier with movie camera

Dead frenchman

Scramble behind jeep

Us airborn

American photog with pipe

Local kids got really carried away with the WW II action taking over their town for the weekend. Afterwards, down on the beach hunting for beach glass I got shot at! Some little boys hiding (not too well) behind a fence up above on the bluff were shooting I don’t know what, maybe spitballs…I didn’t mind until they hit me. 

Little boy with gun