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Hi, my name is…


No doubt, the best thing about being out and about with your camera and no expectations are the kind strangers you meet.


Why Florida

florida trail bw

florida trail clearing old oak

florida trail detail

sayde running florida trail

florida trail bright moss

florida trail ladder tree

florida trail field

This is why I live in Florida! Beautiful weather for a January hike with the dogs on the Florida trail.


Friday Night Light

friday fest car guy on bench croppedKind of like looking back in time…a Friday night downtown.

Port St. Joe Treasure

st. joe lighthouse top

st. joe lighthouse underneath

st. joe lighthouse stairs

st. joe lighhouse keeper houseTeaching a class in the next county over has me going through little Port St. Joe once a week. This lighthouse was moved to St. Joe from its first location on Cape San Blas about a year ago. Love the shapes! Next time I hope it’s open for visitors to climb to the top.

Night Bikes

bike and sparklers

bike at st. andrews marina, panama city fl

Two favorite shots from the Night Photography class I just finished teaching at CityArts Cooperative. Guess I love the bicycle shape!

Backyard Painting with Light

painting light tree and chair

painting light red chair

Had fun this weekend “painting with light” in my backyard! More experimenting to come in the next few weeks as I start teaching a Night Photography class at CityArts Cooperative.

What’s for Dinner

panama city florida fisherman

panama city fisherman

panama city fisherman

I encountered Charlie walking downtown with a camouflage wrapped bundle on his shoulder. I asked what was inside and he began unpacking a pile of scorpion fish and tuna.  He had just returned from days out in the Gulf and he was walking homeward with his share of extras, and some dinner rolls.

More than Graffiti

dg lamp

dg fish

dg interactive

dg blooming cereus

dg cellphone blooming cereus

dg blooming cereus on phone 2

dg sarah head shadow

dg grassy shadows

dg bw window

dg house

dg sarah shoes

dg sarah 3

dg waterwall on phone

What fun! Digital Graffiti, a projection art festival at Alys Beach. Watching visitors wander through the narrow streets in the dark, interact, and become part of the art (intentionally and unintentionally) makes this really fantastic.

Back to the Basics

rosemary round awning

apalach armory

rosemary boxer

rosemary main street

rosemary bikes

rosemary pearl

rosemary peeling paint

rosemary roof

st. joe parking lot crack

st. joe ladder

apalach dock

rosemary rental bikes

eden gardens camelia

apalach episcopal church

Always refreshing to shoot in black and white – so easy on the eyes! Here are a few from my Florida Panhandle wanderings in the last few months.

Florida Trail in Fall

















And a good time was had by all on this beautiful section of the Florida Trail that runs beside Econfina Creek. Especially this young pup Sayde who ran the whole way, back and forth, at least 16 miles.