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Thankful for: this trip

shaw island ferry dock

shaw island, wa

shaw island, wa

our lady of the rock chapel entrance

our lady of the rock maple trees

maple leaves, shaw island, wa

road to our lady of the rock, shaw island, wa

guesthouse at our lady of the rock convent, shaw island

fall leaves, shaw island, wa

breakfast, first morning at our lady of the rock

nun's spinning wheel, our lady of the rock convent

fall leaves, shaw island, wa

our lady of the rock farm animals

madrona and red cabin, shaw island

carved madrona tree

madrona and shaw island beach

field, shaw island, wa

old cabin roof, shaw island, wa

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share photos from my recent trip. Last week, I flew back up to the corner of the country that I recently moved from to visit a friend and spend some time on peaceful little Shaw Island. Our stay with the nuns at Our Lady of the Rock Monastery made it  a one of a kind trip, for sure. Peace and quiet found.


Another Adventure

Sauk Mountain Path

Sauk Mountain Path

Farewell, Washington! We’ve had some good times, some hard times, and many wet times. Today we drove out of Washington, towards another adventure.

Night Shift

full moon over backyard

A late night packing and preparing for our move from Washington let me notice this bright full moon. The window light from the garage, where we were hard at work, adds a nice  touch. (A much prettier sight than what we were attending to inside it.)

Down a country road…

teddy chewing bone march 2012

Twilight Time

Sail boat Anchored at Saltar's Beach, Steilacoom, WA

What’s around the bend?


Railroad Tracks, Saltar's Beach, Steilacoom, WA

Columbia River: one more

fog over columbia river, eastern washington

One more pretty photo of fog rolling in over the Columbia River, taken last month with this set. Love these soft colors!

Bone Structure

I prefer winter and fall, when you feel the bone structure of the landscape – the loneliness of it, the dead feeling of winter.  Something waits beneath it, the whole story doesn’t show.  ~Andrew Wyeth

Apple Orchard in Winter, Okanogan County, WA

Horses in Snow, Okanogan County, Wa

Apple Orchard with Shadows, Okanogan, Wa

I seriously doubt that I  will ever prefer the dead of winter to the height of summertime, but I understand what Mr. Wyeth meant. A glorious spring waits beneath each winter.

Civil War: Plain, Washington

little boy with flag, civil war reenactment, plain, wa

boy and dog, civil war reenactment, plain, wa

flag in fog, civil war reenactment, plain, wa

 civil war reenactment, plain, washington

mother and child with ice cream, civil war reenactors in plain, wa

hoop skirts and battle, civil war reenactors, plain, washington

civil war reenactor with ice cream cone, plain, washington

I finally developed a roll of film from October’s trip to a Civil War reenactment in Plain, Washington. Here are a few favorites (especially the mother and daughter with the ice cream cone). I am always more interested in the reenactors wandering around than what’s happening on the battlefield.

Old Molson

molson panorama view 1

molson panorama view 2

molson panorama 3

molson homestead office

molson through window

frosty grass molson cemetary

molson cemetery in snow

rosalie, molson

molson wagon shed

The once prosperous gold mining town of Old Molson, under a blanket of snow. Definitely a highlight of our trip through the Okanogan Highlands.