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city arts cooperative

post its 3

post its 2

post its 4

After class last night at CityArts Cooperative I noticed the fantastic pattern and color of these glowing Post-its. Thanks to the angle of the setting sun, the office window of sticky notes and their shadows came alive. I couldn’t get enough of them!


Three Days Time

hyacinth 1

hyacinth 2

hyacinth roots

hyacinth in bloom side

hyacinth top

hyacinth in bloom full

In just three days this kitchen window Hyacinth went from being closed up tight (so briefly I didn’t get a photo) to bursting into bloom. If only I could photograph the wonderful scent that fills my kitchen.

Hanging On

dragonfly in tropical storm

Thankfully, Hurricane Isaac skirted by us, and we have only a windy day.


Not to Be (Taken)

not to be taken

An antique medicine bottle embossed with the words “NOT TO BE TAKEN”  = A nice find that makes for a nice vase that makes for a picture that needs to be taken…

Fresh Paint

red chair freshly painted arm

red chair screen door

I’m almost done refinishing my metal porch chair. It’s come a long way. It still needs one more coat, but I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of the glossy wet paint.

Morning Visitor

gecko on fence backyard

In the mornings when I let Teddy out into the backyard, my eyes catch these little silver lizards (nearly) concealing themselves along the lines of the fence. As soon as I touch the gate, they scatter. This time I snapped a photo first.

What’s Underneath

bouncer chair seat with paint stripper

bouncer chair arm with stripper

bouncer chair blue paint

bouncer chair scraper and blue paint

bouncer chair metal shines through

Sky blue, sea foam green, black…the colors of this chair’s past. Plus rust. I am working to get down to the smooth metal.

Striping away the layers is satisfying. All the colors being revealed and mixing together, the chemical bubbling away the paint, I can’t help but keep my camera near by.

She flew by…

biker, hair flying in wind, panama city beach, fl

She needs a helmet, I thought.

And then, look at the wonderful way her hair is blowing in the wind! Glad she’s not wearing a helmet!

She looked like she was right where she wanted to be.

A little bird told me…Dream Big

dream big nest

There’s inspiration to be found everywhere…

While doing yard work in a jungle-like corner of my mom and dad’s back yard, we found this sweet little nest. I was delighted to see the words Dream Big at the bottom of the nest, and laughed when I realized it was a scrap of a Marlboro wrapper…Spanish moss, newspaper, chewing gum wrappers, and a receipt made up the rest of the nest.

More good advice from the little bird…work with what you’ve got.

How the butterfly lost its wing…


Butterfly, a photogram

Feathers, a photogram

Wing, a photogram

It was a dark and stormy night…I was in the darkroom, the windows open for fresh air. Wind rattled the screens and shook the blinds. As I expected but didn’t prepare for, a big gust of wind rushed in and scattered my little collection of fragile items. When I switched on the light and gathered up the pieces, I found the lone wing. (I think it would be nice as a large print.)