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Grainy Day Fun




I was surprised how much I enjoyed shooting  film with my students at Gulf Coast State College a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed, probably more than them, waiting a week for the negatives to arrive in the mail and wondering what, if anything, would come from the roll of Fugi expiration 2008. A part of me misses the imperfection of film photography, the unexpected shots that are either better or worse than imagined. Even the soft film grain visible after the scans had a lovely appeal. And the double exposures, what a treat!


Hanging On

dragonfly in tropical storm

Thankfully, Hurricane Isaac skirted by us, and we have only a windy day.


Taking the long road home…

teddy, pensacola beach

Teddy takes in some summer evening air along Pensacola Beach.

Kitchen Window

dublin dr. pepper, kitchen window

Journal Portrait: Follow My Heart

Follow my Heart by Bonnie Jones

Follow my Heart

“Who knows? I don’t need to. I just need to follow my heart. It’s not even my heart. I just know when something is right, like it was already decided.”

The last journal portrait that I shared here was one I titled Into the Frozen Winter.  Thankfully, the frozen winter always passes.  A few months later, in March, as spring was arriving and her cancer treatment ended, the author made this entry.  She writes about how she feels a strong urge to study theology, and although she can’t say what direction that will take her, she’s going do it anyway.

(Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Day and Night

beach drive beach goers

panama city beach drive sunset



micanopy episcopal church and live oaks

micanopy episcopal church

micanopy church steeple and oaksI’m so glad we got off I-75 in Micanopy. It’s a tiny town packed with beautiful historic buildings and towering live oaks. We didn’t have much time to spare for photos but  this pretty Episcopal church with a red door called my name.

Cape San Blas, or My Happy Place

cape san blas dunes

cape san blas empty beach

cape san blas pink house

cape san blas bare tree

cape san blas green

cape san blas water

Ever visit a place and imagine yourself living there? For me it’s Cape San Blas in the Florida panhandle.

Home Port

panama city shrimp boat

ship helm, panama city

Treated to a gorgeous sunset on arrival in Florida. Time to rest awhile...

West Texas

texas bluebonnets

texas tree and bluebonnets

texas cactus

texas dirt road

texas cross on hill

Good to see you again, west Texas. Blue skies, open fields, bluebonnets in bloom. A simple kind of beauty.