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What will bloom for you this year?



Happy New Year


{Wishing you this in 2014!}

And a favorite song to go along with it…ok, a little melancholy but still great!

*Grace by Karen Davison of Reclaimed Renamed




push, martin theatre door, panama city, fl

Fresh Paint

red chair freshly painted arm

red chair screen door

I’m almost done refinishing my metal porch chair. It’s come a long way. It still needs one more coat, but I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of the glossy wet paint.

What are you waiting for?

red door, micanopy

New Notecards: Finding Inspiration

Here are two sets of notecards just added to my shop~

{Dream Big}

I couldn’t resist making some notecards with this photo of a wonderful bird’s nest I found recently. I paired the picture with a quote by Stephen Butler Leacock, “It may be that those who do most, dream most.”

Dream Big Bird's Nest notecards

Dream Big Bird's Nest notecard set

Dream Big Bird's Nest notecard set

{Do Not Prepare Your Joys}

I made this happy photo about a year ago on my favorite beach back in Washington. The quote, by Andre Gide, is an old favorite that seems to be in my head all the time this past month as many unexpected joys have come my way. Like moving back to Florida:)

Sunset Balloons with Joy quote, notecards

Sunset Balloons with Joy quote, notecards


Moving In / A Room with a Door

photo room moving day

Has it already been a month and a half since I left Washington? Yesterday the movers came and delivered what seems like twice as much STUFF as we need.

Here’s a photo of what will be my photography workspace. This pile is daunting but I will take it one object at a time, and hopefully, turn this room into a place I love to to be in.

Best of all, my new room has a door, which is a first among my various workspaces.



A little bird told me…Dream Big

dream big nest

There’s inspiration to be found everywhere…

While doing yard work in a jungle-like corner of my mom and dad’s back yard, we found this sweet little nest. I was delighted to see the words Dream Big at the bottom of the nest, and laughed when I realized it was a scrap of a Marlboro wrapper…Spanish moss, newspaper, chewing gum wrappers, and a receipt made up the rest of the nest.

More good advice from the little bird…work with what you’ve got.

Journal Portrait: Follow My Heart

Follow my Heart by Bonnie Jones

Follow my Heart

“Who knows? I don’t need to. I just need to follow my heart. It’s not even my heart. I just know when something is right, like it was already decided.”

The last journal portrait that I shared here was one I titled Into the Frozen Winter.  Thankfully, the frozen winter always passes.  A few months later, in March, as spring was arriving and her cancer treatment ended, the author made this entry.  She writes about how she feels a strong urge to study theology, and although she can’t say what direction that will take her, she’s going do it anyway.

(Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

Big Ocean

amish couple asilomar

white caps asilomar

amish couple asilomar close

kelp, asilomar

pacific grove view

bare tree ,carmel beach

A few days into our road trip brought us to Pacific Grove, California, where we were lucky enough to live in 2008-2009. We were happy to find our favorite beach, Asilomar,  just as we left it.