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Hi, my name is…


No doubt, the best thing about being out and about with your camera and no expectations are the kind strangers you meet.


Grainy Day Fun




I was surprised how much I enjoyed shootingĀ  film with my students at Gulf Coast State College a couple weeks ago. I enjoyed, probably more than them, waiting a week for the negatives to arrive in the mail and wondering what, if anything, would come from the roll of Fugi expiration 2008. A part of me misses the imperfection of film photography, the unexpected shots that are either better or worse than imagined. Even the soft film grain visible after the scans had a lovely appeal. And the double exposures, what a treat!

Why Florida

florida trail bw

florida trail clearing old oak

florida trail detail

sayde running florida trail

florida trail bright moss

florida trail ladder tree

florida trail field

This is why I live in Florida! Beautiful weather for a January hike with the dogs on the Florida trail.


Friday Night Light

friday fest car guy on bench croppedKind of like looking back in time…a Friday night downtown.

St. Andrews Noir

st. andrews florida

st. andrews florida

st. andrews coffee house

A quiet night the in St. Andrews neighborhood.


lilydale dream

lilydale lawn chais

lilydale tigerlily

Ahhhh…summer. My favorite time of year.

Happy Memorial Day

boy on porch with flag

Flowers for You

pink roses

Winter Travels

breeze window


smoke stacks

smoke stacks. reflectionjpg

palms apollo beach

bales and grass

bales and cloud

crane in mangroves

flying crane


micanopy path

micanopy house

isa and houses

house reflections

houses through window

love one another


christmas tree


A trip south to Tampa and I almost forget it’s a few days before Christmas. Warm breezes, manatee sightings and good friends…these are great gifts!


Fall Colors

super soul, helena arkansas

no loitering, helena arkansas

happy faces only, helena arkansas

st. johns episcopal church, helena ark

Some colorful details from my recent trip to Helena, Arkansas.